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Want to access files and registry data on a running WP8 device from your PC? This is the tool for that.

Project Description

This project consists of a basic HTTP server on Windows Phone 8, and a web application which runs on the server and provides access to the filesystem of the device it is running on. This app was inspired by the Functional Webserver / Webserver (for Mango) projects and my own earlier extension of them, the Root Webserver project, all of which were WP7-specific. This app runs only on WP8 and re-uses no code from the WP7 projects, but aims to provide similar utility. It is also published on this XDA-Developers forum page.

There are two Visual Studio projects in this app: one for the basic HTTP server, and one for the WP8 app which implements the file and registry access web application on the server. Both are implemented in C#. Recent versions of the app have an "AllCapabilities" version which require a hacked phone (but give greater access), but the standard version should work on all phones. It is recommended that you install the app to the internal storage (and not the microSD card) if using WP8.1.

The server does not fully implement the relevant RFCs; if you need a more fully-featured server, or one that supports authentication or encryption, this project will probably not meet your needs unless you're willing to build upon the existing code. On the other hand it is simple, performant, and supports multiple concurrent connections.

The phone application, and the web application which it hosts, use the HTTP server and the wp8nativeaccess projects to provide a simple interface which any PC, tablet, or phone can use to browser the phone's filesystem and read any files which the application can access. Due to WP8 application sandboxing, the server is unable to access most of the file system and some of the registry, but links to common locations are included.

This project is still in the alpha stage, and more features are being added rapidly. File upload will be implemented soon, allowing use of the app as a sort of portable wireless storage device. Please request desired features on the issue tracker or the XDA-Developers forum page.

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